Pure for Pediatrics

Pure for Pediatrics

NEO Kids Foundation is excited to partner with Sudbury’s Pure Country to bring you “Pure for Pediatrics -Be the Change for NEO Kids”.

Pure Country and our NEO Kids need YOUR help!

The goal is to raise $40,000 for NEO Kids to purchase a new Giraffe OmniBed Carestation, so that the tiniest patients will be able to get the care they need right here in Sudbury, when possible.

The Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is designed with babies, and their families in mind, creating a controlled, protected microenvironment for peaceful, fast healing. Bringing premature babies one step closer to caregivers’ expertise, their parents’ embrace and to going home healthy.

If you would like to help Pure Country reach this goal then watch out for them at different local events around the year, or host a fundraiser of your own! If you would like to host a fundraiser of your own to support Pure for Pediatrics, contact their promotions director; Taylor-Anne Pilotte at tayloranne.pilotte@bellmedia.ca

For more information about Pure for Pediatric, visit their website.



We are incredibly proud to announce that we will be purchasing not one, but TWO Giraffe OmniBed Carestations for our tiniest patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Health Sciences North (HSN)!

In 2020, our friends at Pure Country launched Pure for Pediatrics –Be the Change for NEO Kids. They set out to raise funds to purchase an Omnibed Carestation for our NICU. This past February, Pure Country hosted a Radiothon to help reach their goal of raising $40,000 to purchase a brand new Giraffe Omnibed Carestation. Thanks to the generosity of passionate Pure Country listeners, we exceeded our goal of raising $40,000, and were well on our way to raising the remaining funds to purchase a SECOND Giraffe Omnibed Carestation!

With the funds raised through the HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery for the North, we have decided to cover the remaining cost to purchase the second Omnibed Carestation!

The OmniBed Carestation is a thermally controlled environment that converts from an open bed warmer to a closed incubator at the touch of a button – creating an environment a baby does not need to leave (or to be moved from).  The babies are kept in the OmniBed from birth until they are stable enough to go home healthy!

Thank you SO much for your support toward the Pure for Pediatrics campaign. You have helped us purchase TWO Giraffe Omnibed Carestations for our tiniest newborns receiving care at HSN, allowing them to receive the care they need right here in the North! THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for what our next fundraising project will be as the Pure for Pediatrics Campaign continues!


In partnership with Sudbury’s Pure Country

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