Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Campaign

Help us raise $20,000 to purchase a VeinViewer for our NEO Kids receiving treatment at Health Sciences North.

Your Giving Tuesday donation is being matched! Legends Boats will DOUBLE your donations, up to $10,000! That means if you donate $20, they’ll donate $20 – you’re making a $40 impact on our NEO Kids!

What is a VeinViewer?

The VeinViewer is intended to image subcutaneous blood patterns on the surface of the skin. The projected image pattern is used to demonstrate intravenous (IV) fluids displacing blood during IV flushes. The projected blood patterns may be interpreted by the health care team to determine intravascular or interstitial blood patterns.

The VeinViewer will minimize stick attempts, eliminating unnecessary pain and anxiety for our NEO Kids receiving treatment. It will create a more positive experience. The veins in babies and children are smaller and poorly supported by surrounding soft tissue, making it more challenging to locate a vein for cannulation in comparison with adults. The pain and trauma associated with multiple IV access attempts is often a source of anxiety among children and parents, especially those with recurrent hospital admissions. The VeinViewer will allow the health care team to visualize the most suitable vein for cannulation to start an IV successfully and minimize needle sticks attempts.

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For more information about our Giving Tuesday campaign, please contact our Manager, Marketing & Development at or 705.523.7100 x1059.